Underwritten by AFRICAN UNITY LIFE LIMITED, an authorised financial services provider, FSP 8447.
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An authorised financial services provider. FSP 40749
Thank you for your enquiry.

Please note that Section 7(3) of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 37 of 2002 (FAIS Act) stipulates that a Financial Services Provider (FSP) "may only conduct financial services related business with a person rendering financial services if that person has, where lawfully required, been issued with a license for the rendering of such financial services ... or is a representative as contemplated this Act"

This is where Headstart Consult CC comes into the picture.

Headstart Consult CC is an authorised financial services provider (FSP 40749). Our mission is:
Our value proposition...
To enable funeral directors, who do not have their own FSP-licenses, to sell policies legally, and
Protect the premiums and benefits of the public by means of underwriting by an insurance company and a risk free payment method.
Unless you have your own FSP license, we will need to appoint you as a representative on Headstart Consult CC's license in order to be able to do business with you. You will be liable for paying the annual license fee, which is due to the Financial Services Board (FSB). We collect the license fee on a monthly basis via the underwriter.
Honesty and Integrity Declaration
Conflict of Interest Declaration
Benefits of our payment method...
Please download the above-mentioned declarations, as well as the Quotation Request Form below.
Qutation Request Form
The completed declarations and Quotation Request Form must be returned to us by email or fax. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.
While you wait...
Please note that you will be required to complete our in-hous FAIS & FICA Awareness Training program. Feel free to download the program below right away. (It is only four-and-a-half pages of information, followed by five pages of open-book multiple choice self assessment questions.)
FAIS & FICA Awareness Training.
Note that the completed assessment papers must be emailed or faxed to, and be received by us as a prerequisite for appointment as a representative of Headstart Consult CC.
Email: compliance@headstartconsult.com.
Fax: 086 538 1017
A framed certificate will be issued to you upon receipt of your completed FAIS & FICA Awareness Training assessment papers.
Example FAIS & FICA Awareness Training Certificate.
What to expect next...
You will receive a quotation on behalf of African Unity Life Limited via email. If the quotation is accepted, you must please sign every page and return the quotation to us, either by email or fax to:
Email: fanus@headstartconsult.com
Fax: 086 538 1017
Upon receiving your acceptance of African Unity's quotation, Headstart Consult will phone you to complete the Intermediary Agreement, which will then be emailed to you for your signature and initials.

Upon receipt of the signed Intermediary Agreement back from you, Headstart Consult will courier the following to you:
Member Application Forms (for signing up scheme members)
Policy Amendment Form (for making future changes to a scheme member's policy). (Those documents will be personalised with your scheme's name, as well as with your contact details).
An EazyPay Sales Guide.
An EazyPay Administration Manual.
A batch of  EasyPay numbers assigned to your scheme (which you will allocate to the individual members on the Member Application Form).
A copy of the Master Policy from African Unity, in terms of which your scheme will be underwritten (i.e. The Rules of the Scheme).
A Compliance File for the above-mentioned documents, as well as other compliance documents that you need to keep in a safe place and have on hand should an inspector from the FSB, or a compliance officer from Headstart Consult CC ask for it.
A framed FAIS & FICA Awarness Training Certificate.
A framed Authorisation Certificate, that cerifies that you are an authorised representative of Headstart Consult CC (FSP 40749) and that you are underwritten by African Unity Life Limited (FSP 8447)
A framed FAIS Disclosure certificate.
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Before we can consider appointing you as a representative of Headstart Consult CC, you need to provide us with the following completed declarations, along with a legible copy of your ID document.
On receipt of the above-mentioned declarations, we will do a background check with the Financial Services Board (FSB) to determine if you are not debarred from selling financial products in South Africa.
Please download the Headstart EazyPay Funeral Policy Product Brochure and start familiarising yourself with the basic rules of the scheme.
Headstart EasyPay Funeral Policy Brochure.
Read more about why EasyPay is the best way to pay funeral policy premiums.
Why EasyPay Brochure.
Read more about why you should do business with Headstart Consult CC.
Headstart Consult's value proposition.
Your prosperity starts here!
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What to do now...
Example of the FSP license that you will get.
Email: fanus@headstartconsult.com
Fax: 086 538 1017
If you will be working working from a public office, those certificates must be displayed in a prominent place where the public would see them.